Thunder of SE video promotion makes ” silent person ” : Difference is judged change forcibly reputably

” silent person ” entering player line of vision at first is exhibit in E3 2018 on the meeting, the basic set that Er moxa Ni Kesi introduced Shi Kewei to be made originally at that time, leading role is a deaf person, need use sign language and sinister gang are mixed child undertake communicating. Game put on sale is the following echo is very general, the opinion that media should give is very straight also white, consistent difference is judged. And be in yesterday, ” silent person ” released to update patch and a paragraph of conduct propaganda piece, cite the comment that a few difference review, encourage the version after the player tries to update. ” silent person ” the world that learns deaf person to let a player, head any phonic effect are provided scarcely in hair version. Nevertheless SE announces to be able to replace a phonic edition freely again later, explain the result in a breathed story to the player through sound. After game put on sale, many media evaluation gave out consistent difference is judged, a lot of people think ” silent person ” the affront that is pair of deaf crowd body. Was thought to redeem public praise, the SE conduct propaganda in phonic version piece in the remark that showed a few difference to judge, change commment content into next reputably if language. Video of this paragraph of conduct propaganda watchs please below, although be Japanese, the user difference that a lot of different platform showed on Dan Bing act is judged, for example ” grand catastrophic spot. ” and ” rubbish! ! ! ” etc, after should hitting a patch next, commment became ” I am sorry I once said it is rubbish ” and ” partial dispute of Jing Yin often is necessary ” etc. Apparent SE thinks the player was in after phonic edition can have greatly to game change. Although this kind of practice still lets a person perceive in a bad mood, but at least the place that we know to the manufacturer just faces game is counted a bit in the heart. ” silent person ” already landed PC and PS4 platform now.