” sunken city ” game setting reveals prevue Ke Sulu color is rich

Be about to be in official on June 27 put on sale, land PC (Epic is exclusive) , the game of Ke Sulu style of PS4 and Xbox One platform ” sunken city (The Sinking City) ” released brand-new prevue, this paragraph of prevue showed the many setting in game, ke Sulu color is rich, game whole atmosphere is quiet and weird. ” sunken city ” setting reveals prevue:
Official game introduces: ” sunken city ” be suffer H.P of horror fiction Great Master. The adventurous riddle that work inspires Luofukelafute kind game. Your suddenly change one’s identity, become the detective that a life took the place of 1920, of one mind wants to find the merit, was immersed in however only then makings not as good as, super- the brigade of imaginary cross. Be tired in a city that floods Yu Shuizhong, await yours is a common sense to try refine. The open world that explores a city, case that slip into faction and investigates a hand to go up still puts the person of the hope with saving, more important is, save yourself. Game supports simplified Chinese, on each platform make an appointment to also had begun, the player of purchase in advance of shop of additional explicit Epic, still can get ” blessing Er rub this: Diabolical female (Sherlock Holmes:THe Devil’s Daughter) ” game downloads version freely, ” Chicago street accordionist ” a DLC, add skill is nodded and ” sunken city ” visit 48 hours first. The price of edition of Chinese area standard of the game on Epic store is 30.99 dollars (add up to a RMB about 214 yuan) , interested player can pay close attention to toward Epic shop before proper motion (because Epic has favourable activity now) .