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ph recently, turned this classical brick game into to having the killer showing clip of Jing colourful picture. This god class sticks what the graph is wrapped even if foreign author Sonic Ether develops ” Unbelievable Shaders ” , common weighs SEUS, changed thoroughly ” my world ” picture. Although MOD can be changed or the thing is added in game, for instance the MOD of Momo Suicide game before, but this bag that stick a graph was to join new apply colours to a drawing directly system (上海千花网龙凤论坛

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, be tracked through an imitate setting next. Method is tracked can imitate a lot of specially good effect, include soft shadow, depth of field, trends is ambiguous, jiao San line, ambient light is obstructed and indirect keep an eye on. What have some of regret a little is, to this package that stick a graph runs on PC, you need very strong hardware configuration. According to foreign player reaction, his computer is I9 9900K and GTX 1070Ti, fall character in highest picture, the frame number of this bag that stick a graph has 25-40 frame only. Demonstrate video 01: Ultimate picture is qualitative