2015 touch Fujian character elect by ballot to start 3 big voting platform now

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Fujian 2015 year touched dispatch on Feburary 3 10 VIP choose Fujian the story of 20 阿爱上海同城

candidate is already whole on line, got of reader, netizen chase after hold in both hands. Today, phase of elect by ballot of the whole people is started formally, synchronism of 3 big voting platform opens small letter, webpage, short message.

Current touch Fujian to choose sponsor by channel city newspaper office, mineral water of Wu Yi hill is exclusive commonweal coronal name. 2015, whose story lets you burst into tears? Who is the feeling in your heart beautiful thing? Rise now, you can pass the following 3 kinds of means are voting:

1. webpage is voting: Homepage of entry channel network (Http://www.hxnews.com) , click 2015 year to touch Fujian page of 10 VIP selection special subject, the candidate that supports you undertakes polling. In the meantime, you still can see in page of this special subject candidate ticket figures statistical co上海千花网龙凤论坛

ndition, the candidate ticket that examines you to support in real time counts a platoon.

2. small letter is voting: Search, add touch Fujian public mark, the reply is voting, can believe voting page into in a subtle way, for the move that you support beautiful thing undertakes polling. Small letter is voting the bill that the page also renews real time candidate is counted and rank a circumstance.

3. short message is voting: Mobile phone user edits full name of candidate of + of GD+ candidate number, send to 1069040661464 (communication expends every 0.1 yuan) .

Those who need an attention is, this second choose those who use is 20 pick the way of 10, selection result is polled by the whole people and touch Fujian shift responsibility onto others to meet a commissioner voting composition, voting 50% what take selection result each. And open now the whole上海千花网交友

people is voting in, the webpage polls and small letter polls 20% wh上海夜网论坛

at take selection result each, the short message is voting 10% what take selection result. Candidate video near future will be上海同城对对碰交友社区

on platform of network, small letter line. (the sea Ceng Huiwen of reporter Xia Yuqing)