Fujian ” 935 ” Xiamen of furnace of traffic plan lay off will have motor-car to arrive directly to smooth pool

Dispatch will go to the net austral Fujian on June 2 2020, the 上海千花网论坛

Fujian Province will have 12 radioactivity that serve the throughout the country to carry big channel integratedly. ” 935 integrated traffic carry the Fujian Province develop special program ” close sunrise furnace, 935 during,新上海贵族宝贝论坛

the Fujian Province makes investment 750 billion yuan what modern liaison man carries a system upgrade edition.

Basis ” plan ” , the Fujian Province will strengthen the communication with circumjacent province to coordinate, carry big channel integratedly what form 12 radioactivity basically to serve the throughout the country to 2020.

12 big channels have a freeway already, also have high speed railroad, have already overland, also have sea route, it is respectively: Black river, Fuzhou makes the same score Fuzhou Heilongjiang Guangxi of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting of Xinjiang of 2 Lian Hao spy, Fuzhou, Xiamen p上海龙凤论坛

revents Inner Mongolia of pool Taipei, Fuzhou Xinjiang of Kaohsiung of Kunming of city harbor, Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen is suddenly Er fruit this, Taichun of cropland of fontal city Pu, south (make the same score) .

Except, fujian still will build 5 overland international to carry big channel, it is respectively: Fujian Kunming east in assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting of Europe of 上海夜网

Urumqi of India of Kunming of alliance, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian inferior, on the west inferior, Fujian Beijing Mongolia.

” plan ” clear, by 2020 before, complete province will have have transport service of 7 railroad building, add course of development of be open to traffic newly to exceed 1200 kilometers. Blessing includes to make the same score railroad in 7 railroad, the Xiamen after building need not turn to Fuzhou aga上海千花网论坛

in to smooth pool by the bus, movable car is nonstop, whole journey 2 half hours or so; Special railway line of blessing mansion passenger transport, it is Fujian Province afterwards after railroad adding up to blessing another railroad that by speed per hour 350 kilometers design builds, predict to built 2020. At the appointed time, xiamen can arrive directly 1 hour to Fuzhou. In addition, still have thoroughfare peaceful railroad (thoroughfare the city comes Ning De) , Na Sanlong railroad (south Ping Sanming Longyan) , Pu Mei railroad (build Ning Zhiguan hill of insect without feet paragraph) , Xing Quan.

Longyan to Meizhou fast railroad, Ning De comes lukewarm railroad of fierce of Na Ping railroad, auspicious (exterminate hill reachs Jiangxi auspicious An Zhiwu Wen Zhou) wait fo上海龙凤论坛sh1f

r many railroad, also plan to be built in 935. Change of special railway line of another passenger transport grows the Fujian Province mansion railroad (Chongqing comes to Changsha Xiamen) start working time, have not decide. (the sea reporter Li Zheng)