One Chinese doctor is suspected of the United States patting female patient nude to be arrested secretly (graph)

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Liu Xinhui ever was arrested in clinic and ex-wife fistfight 2010. (Archives is illuminated)

Original title: Experience pats one Chinese doctor of beauty of naked female patient to be arrested secretly with IPad (graph)

According to the United States ” world daily ” report, be in new York Manhaduhua port east 60 years old of Liu Xinhui with the Broadway old practise medicine, 26 years old of when was suspected of patting a nude secretly with IPad in clinic a few days ago female patients are arrested, accuse to wait for 4 accusation with illegal surveillance.

Liu Xinhui already paid bail get-off oneself, its clinic did not open the door day after day, and he ever was in 3 years ago clinic and ex-wife because the female patient of monetary association fistfight, injury and a bit of a condole and be arrested with ex-wife in pairs.

Make an appointment with 22 days morning 11 when 15 minutes, 26 years old of female patients are located in in Liu Xinhui east the Broadway sees a doctor inside the clinic of 52 502 rooms, naked this at that time female patient discovers Liu Xinhui to pat her secretly with her IPad, be about he hands over IPad, 2 peopl上海贵族宝贝交流区

e produce conflict, right now Liu Xinhui locks up clinic door, the female patient that is locked up inside tries to call the police with the mobile phone, but be divested 上海千花社区

single-handed by Liu Xinhui. Liu heart luxuriants gro上海龙凤论坛

wth and throw oneself IPad to destroy evidence on the ground, leave the scene subsequently, after female patient leaves, call the police.

Area under administration 5 substation explore member be in that day afternoon recombine details of a case, and to the inquiry of lawyer building personnel by clinic, liu Xinhui is reachcaptured at 25 days, be moved to send deal with according to law after 5 substation police station accepts inquiry. The crime of 2 class illegal surveillance that because be patted secretly,the accusation that Liu heart luxuriants growth to be accused includes to be accused, purpose that because divest,female patient IPhone is accused steals a blame again, because throw sodden IPad,be accused distort material evidence blame and the illegal confine crime that because lock up the door,are controlled.

The Liu Xinhui爱上海龙凤419桑拿

that signs up for empress area big neck already paid bail get-off oneself, appear in court date is next year next time April, the judge is protected temporarily to the victim your. December 2010, profess to爱上海同城对对碰

treat department of gynaecology to reach only venereal the Liu Xinhui that wait and ex-wife Dong You are in because of monetary association clinic fistfight, liu Xinhui is moved to Dong You thick, drag of Dong You criterion上海龙凤论坛

inside a bit of female patient causes harm to its, 2 people are reachcaptured on the spot and with 3 class attack blame moves send deal with according to law.

The insider expresses, often have the clinic that female patient luxuriants growth to Liu heart, go for peachy dispute howling, also it is cheap that the name that someone says to Liu Xinhui make use of sees examine takes female patient. Most patient emigrates to do not have card, be in an unfavorable situation also dare anger not dare character, nobody dare call the police. As we have learned, liu Xinhui is Fujian grows happy person, ever was the director of consortium of combination of doctor of acupuncture of charter of new York state, the hire more than 10 years ago east the Broadway 52 502 rooms. The accident is in that day east the fascia that the Broadway still hangs Liu Xinhui outside 52 commercial building, 28 days already are divided to fall. (Hui Qi of Chinese news collect)

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