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Believe everybody is in have at ordinary times had eaten dried meat floss, also know how cake of dried meat floss is done delicious, when cake of general dried meat floss is being done, those who need preparation basically is to have fine saccharic, still yoke salad oil is waited a moment, these are need commonly machine parts or tools kept in reserve, when preparing very important, it is additionallyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Want to prepare oven, made cake will be more loose.

How is cake of dried meat floss done delicious?


A. Yoke 4, fine saccharic 80 fair grams, salt 2 fair grams, salad is oily 80 fair grams, milk 80 fair grams, b. Low muscle flour 180 fair grams, bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch 5 fair grams, sweetgrass pink 1 fair gram, c. Albumen 4, tower tower pink 1 fair gram, fine saccharic 100 fair grams, decorate material: Right amount, scallion end is right amount, dried meat floss is right amountLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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How is cake of dried meat floss done delicious?


Agitate of A of 1. general materialForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Come equably after having grain shape, agitate of rejoin material BShanghai noble baby

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Even, it is face burnt namely. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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After 2. albumen is hit to stability, cent is joined 3 times fine saccharic continue to be hit to dryFall in love with the sea

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The gender is epispastic, it is candy albumen namely.

How is cake of dried meat floss done delicious?

3. takes out 1/3 course of action 2 medium candy albumen, with course of action after the face burnt mix of 1 is even, enter practice again 2 in mixture agitate of albumen of the rest candy reserves equably.

4. general course of action 3 mix the face burnt of divide evenly is loaded bake dish in, wipe after making the same score, scatter again on end of dried meat floss, scallion, put into the oven of 180 ℃ , bake bake about 25 minutes can drawing of patterns is taken out.

5. is on cake body the salad sauce with right amount daub, scatter again on dried meat floss has section by the outside introversion can.