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Article introduction

Spending the New Year is a reuniting day, also be the good time that chats between close friends. Close friends chats drink tea always little not the company of dried fruit confiture. Look at TV at the same time, eating confiture to chat with the friend at the same time at the same time, it is to spend the New Year the enjoyment with the greatest time. The sort of confiture has a lot of, useful olive does, apricot is done, use jujube, the taste of every kinds of confiture is different. Introduce the practice of Chinese olive confiture next.

The practice of Chinese olive confiture

The method that make

1. raw material chooses: Use at making the olive growing of food, general requirement fructification big, flesh is thick, Shanghai night net

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Nucleus small, size form of consistent, fruit decorous, fruit is beautiful wait. The autumn of Chinese olive fruit is differ, because this had better be collected in installment,close, machine in installment. Collect receive time to be in commonly the last ten-day of a month will arrive in September in October the first ten days of a month, close with when peel just began cerated layer by green, be being collected best, gather the fruit below, choose clean orange branch, fallen leaves, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Fruit of eliminate disease injury, deposit respectively by different breed, size. Olive fruit moisture content is higher, easy mildewy metamorphism, should choose ventilated indoor, layer booth is put, often flip through, caboodle of avoid by all means is pressed.

The practice of Chinese olive confiture

2. chowchow confiture: Good processing gains uses clear water full a few times, say replay enters skillet, join fruit makings to weigh of 20% saccharic, the water of 30% , boil comes when anhydrous (the attention cannot boil anxious) , rejoin of 20% saccharic mix divide evenly, boil of again small fire 2 hours, load fructification potted bottle together next even sugar juice, sterilization, become chowchow confiture namely (also call wet condition confiture) .

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3. does voice confiture: afore-mentioned chowchow confiture park pass the night is set in white porcelain dishLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, at the following day immigrant the drying in the oven of 75 ℃ of 70 ~ . Answer in roast process oftenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Right, when the candy white that there is hoarfrost kind on fructification appears, can take out refrigeration, load the heal in food bag, can sell.

The practice of Chinese olive confiture

4. icing confiture: Wrap an icing again on dry state confiture namely. Icing is used makings for saccharic, starch and water, 3 person ordinal press 1 ∶ of 3 ∶ 2 mixture boil, refrigeration comes 93 ℃ , make an appointment with immerge of dry state confiture 1 minute again, take out instantly in putting white porcelain dish, in oven of 50 ℃ left and right sides roast. When confiture surface forms a transparent icing, can take out cooling bagging.