[can pregnant woman eat bittern egg? ]

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Eat, actually, the breed of bittern egg is very much, the method of the person bittern egg of different place is different, taste taste also is different, anyhow, the nutrition of bittern egg is very rich, contain many egg for instanceLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Still have a variety of microelement, especially dot likes to eat particularly, so can pregnant woman eat bittern egg?

Can pregnant woman eat bittern egg?

Can pregnant woman eat bittern egg?

Pregnant woman can eat an egg, the egg serves as the commonnest provision, major crowd is OK edible. The egg contains a variety of good to human body material such as rich protein, vitamin, lecithin, can install the five internal organs, install mind, can decide Jing, install an embryo, have raise shade, be good at lienal, fillShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The action such as lung, but do not explain this kind of food is safety to everybody, the pregnant mother that has the following symptom is about to notice to eat less or do not eat an egg.

Can pregnant woman eat bittern egg?

1, nephritic ill patient

Function of nephritis patient kidney and metabolism drop, uric quantity decreases, child of the metabolization inside body cannot all by nephritic eduction body outside, if edible egg is overmuch, can make grow in quantity of the urea inside body, bring about nephritis illness accentuation, appear even uremia. Egg of edible of hypertensive terminal patient can cause kidney median sclerosis, kidney of companion of systematization lupus erythematosus is damaged and all sorts of chronic kidney diseases bring about the person that chronic kidney function fails, ying Shen eats an egg or follow the doctor’s advice.

Can pregnant woman eat bittern egg?

2, high fever patient

The protein in the egg is enter airframe the quantity of heat with dissoluble more generation, this says for alimental effect of special motive force. Effect of this kind of special motive force with protein effect the biggest, increase caloric effect to be able to be amounted to 30% the left and right sides. Calorific patient has friend heat is produced to increase inside egg rear body, medicinal powder heat decreases, as add fuel to the flames, at allay a fever adverse.

3, hepatitis patient

Yoke of more edible chicken meets hepatitis patient the burden of aggravating liver, go against rehabilitation. Because fatty acid and cholesterol are contained in gallinaceous yoke, and fatty acid and cholesterol all need to metabolize in liver. Hepatic burden is overweight, go against the refreshment of hepatitis, accordingly, hepatitis patient is unfavorable yoke eating chicken.

4, protein allergy person

Some people ate gastralgia of the meeting after the egg, or occurrence macula, this is caused to egg allergy. The protein of the egg has antigen sex, send with what surface of gastric bowel mucous membrane contains antibody quick corpulent cell action, can cause allergic reaction, occurrence gastralgia or bellyacke, diarrhoea, spotForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The allergic symptom such as rash. Accordingly, this kind of crowd is unfavorable eat an egg.