[recipe of cake of wind of 8 inches of relative

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A kind of we are commonner cake of relative wind cake, a lot of people that just learn bake begin in cake of the wind that become relative, relative wind cake belongs to a kind be sponge cake, the data that needs when make has an egg, low muscle flour, candy and oil, in cake of wind of the relative that make when, it is to have a lot of item are need attention, good cake of relative wind cake, other to doing cake has a lot of helps.

Recipe of cake of wind of 8 inches of relative

Feed capable person: 80g of low muscle flour, egg 5

The measure that make:

1. uses yoke segregator to depart yoke and egg white, egg white is put in largish and tallish basin. Put yoke in another a bit in the basin of bit. Candy of 25 grams Bai Sha will be joined in yoke first, move eggbeater agitate to hit with the hand next even, edge agitate edge is ordinal add corn oil, milk. Join a sieve to join 80 grams low white finally, show Z glyph agitate gently to come not to have grain glossily equably.

The scarcely when 2. agitate should delimit circle, lest panada has anything resembling a tendon or vein, meeting having anything resembling a tendon or vein affects the bitter fleabane hair of cake, attempt condition is under panada accurate. Low pink can be divided second join, master consistency easily. Do not say too rare too stiff perhaps the flour gram that still presses my prescription is counted, it is with panada condition accurate. Too stiff bake the cake that come out possible craze, too rare cake is possible too wet. Of albumen frost dismiss: Call egg white to pearl eye bubble with dynamoelectric eggbeater low speed, join 1/3 Bai Sha candy.

3. continues low speed agitate is hit to exquisite, rejoin the Bai Sha candy of 1/3. Continue low speed agitate is hit to wet sex epispastic join finally 1/3 Bai Sha candy. Continue middling speed agitate is hit to rigid epispastic. Judging the standard with epispastic rigid is to mention eggbeater albumen shows erect small pointed part to perhaps come over salver albumen won’t fall down or chopstick of a chopstick will be inserted to won’t fall in albumen. Whole protein1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The process that dismiss probably 5 minutes.

4. uses drawknife to take 1/3 albumen to be put in yoke lake, from bottom to top breaks up mix even, 1/3 albumen puts reassume into yoke lake to break up again mix even. Good agitate finally yoke lake falls to break up in albumen basin mix even, right now cake batter is made finish. Enter the yoke lake that has made the sticking to mould end 8 inches of work. Mention to be put down again repeat an earthquake a few times so, shake gives air bubble. Enter the lower level in the oven with good warm-up, the setting bakes 55 minutes 125 degrees. Time arrives take out cake shake twice to be buckled immediately. Wait for after cake is completely fully cool again drawing of patterns.

Recipe of cake of wind of 8 inches of relative

Small stick person

1, the tub that makes egg white the bit taller salver that had better be stainless steel, lest dismiss when outside splash. And salver must make sure the anhydrous that do not have oil is not a bit more impure yoke, otherwise egg white dismisses not easily ~

2, mould: Must1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Choose sticking to mould and not be not to stick a mould, because do not stick a mould to be able to affect an eggLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cake climbs.

3, break up mix: Like the fried dish the gimmick of from bottom to top breaks up mix, reverse mixed action must gentle, lest dismiss bubble of egg white disappear.

4, warm-up and roast temperature: In order to bake a canal by red changeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Black condition is the standard with good warm-up. I am in dismiss warm-up oven begins before egg white, egg white dismisses oven also warm-up became good, probably warm-up 6 arrive 8 minutes. What we use microtherm bake is square1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Law, my oven temperature on the high side, I tried a lot of times finally 125 degrees this temperature is the properest. Young associate people the temperature that according to oneself the disposition nature of domestic oven masters bake.

Recipe of cake of wind of 8 inches of relative

5, after cake gives heat must shake two buckle again, this measure is very important and certain do not omit, because omited,I have a few times is so a small simple step and brought about directly among cave.

6, egg size difference is not big, 5 eggs 270 grams, 280 grams, 290 grams, 300 grams I had tried a difference not quite, so companionate people the weight that does not want kink egg, as long as it is 5 eggsForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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