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The egg calls gallinaceous egg again, it is a kind of food that people often has in the life, everybody has eaten most propbably egg, still be in little baby when, parents are met an egg make it complementary feed darling to eat, the nutrition of the egg is very rich, besides contain a lot ofprotein besides, the egg contains rich amino acid, and the amino acid that egg place contains is digested very easily to absorb by human body, of the egg have a way also1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Very much, everybody teachs the method of strong frangipani below.

How to develop frangipani?

How to develop frangipani?

Develop frangipani measure 1

Prepare an egg, honey

Measure 2

Infiltrate the egg the bowl is medium

Measure 3

egg break up equably

Measure 4

Burn boiled water to be put into the bowl, right amount honey agitate is joined after flower waiting for an egg is a bit cool even. Faint scent is goluptious.

What gallinaceous yoke fizzles out is outside, the posture of round billow, very provoking love, in the daily life of a lot of common people, the egg should be very the same thing that often has, and the nutrient material that it contains also is very rich; The making means of egg soup also has a lot of, the egg can pour hot water, boiled water has relieve inflammation or fever to the egg moisten the respiratory tract and relieve a cough the effect of embellish lung, and a lot of people like such eating, go to the lavatory to have nutrition very much again already, what is so strong frangipani can add honey effect?

How to develop frangipani?

Can add honey effect to frangipani

Strong frangipani can add honey effect, giving birth to an egg to be drunk to water basically is to be able to treat insomnia, add candy to be drunk to water with the egg, have calm the nerves composed action, still have nutrition quite, enrage impetuous to be perturbed, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Heal to sleep for a long time to be not worn at the beginning of insomnious angst, disease the person that become aware has very good dispel fire effect.

The proposal is OK powder of rock candy wear, in adding an egg next, with the boiling water that heats at the same time agitate rushs at the same time, cool hind edible, fall igneous effect is better. In addition, can join a few salt, also have dispel fire effect, this kind of method suits to feel the person of get angry of guttural gall, oral cavity quite. But must notice, add salt no matter or add candy, must putLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Little, with delicate give priority to.

How to develop frangipani?

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The effect with boiled water strong the mainest egg is embellish of reduce internal heatForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Lung, when collocation feeds capable person differently, its effect also has each emphasize particularly on. Give priority to with moisten the respiratory tract of reduce internal heat flavor with rock candy and sesame-seed oil, the voice that causes to suffer from excessive internal heat is painful have favorable dietotherapy effect. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Lung advocate flavor with honey and sesame-seed oil, having very pretty good embellish lung to relieve a cough the effect, but honey cannot be added when relieving a cough to the child. If convert,salt and sesame-seed oil flavor, add bit of laver to break again or shrimp rice, it is do easily simply the quick worker soup with rich nutrition.